Latest Operational Schedule


  COASTAL PACIFIC Operating days: 29 SEPT 2022 –  | 02 February - 30th April 2023 7 days a week  | 21 SEPT 2023 - 29 April 2024 Thursday to Sunday

NOT OPERATING :01 MAY 2023 - 20 SEPT 2023 | 29 APRIL 2024 - 01 JULY 2024 
NORTHERN EXPLORER Operating days: Northbound (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) | Southbound (Monday, Thursday & Saturday)
TRANZ ALPINE Operating days:  26 DEC 22 – 30 APRIL 23 7 days a week | 28 APRIL 2023 - 28 SEPT 2023 Friday to Monday | 29 SEPT 2023 - 6 MAY 2024 7 days a week | 10 MAY 2024 - 30 JUNE 2024 Friday to Monday
 Face masks are no longer mandatory on any of these train services Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and Tranz Alpine trains. However, we do recommend you continue wearing facemasks for your own safety while moving around the train. On-board crews will continue to wear facemasks for the time being.


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Terms and Conditions


* All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) and include Goods & Service Tax (GST).  All prices are capacity controlled and subject to change. If the fare you requested is unavailable you will be contacted via the details provided in your booking and offered the alternative fare or the opportunity to cancel your request without penalty.

* Rail New Zealand has obtained some live API feeds on selected products. Ferry bookings are live bookings and therefore instant confirmations are provided. Other services are on a request basis and will be processed manually. Bookings are not confirmed until you receive a travel voucher clearly confirming all journeys with an applicable confirmation number.

* A 2.4% fee is automatically added for all payments made via credit card at the time of check out.

* Bus Cancellations - New Zealand Travel Team charge a 10% Refund Processing Fee in addition to any charges applied by Intercity Coachlines on cancellations of all point to point bookings. A NZ$ 30.00 Refund Processing Fee will be applied to all tours.

* Train Cancellations - New Zealand Travel Team charge a $30.00 per booking Refund Processing Fee in addition to any charges applied by Great Journeys of New Zealand on cancellations of all point to point bookings.

* Ferry Cancellations - New Zealand Travel Team charge a 10% Refund Processing Fee in addition to any charges applied by InterIslander or Bluebridge on cancellations of all point to point bookings.

* Rail/Bus Passes - New Zealand Travel Team charge a $100.00 per person booking Refund Processing Fee in addition to any charges applied by Great Journeys of New Zealand or Intercity Coachlines on cancellations of passes.

* Travel Packages are subject to availability and we have the right to amend hotels if necessary. Travel Packages are non refundable.

* All reservations and the issuance of an 'E-Ticket/Itinerary' or 'E-Voucher' for travel on any regional or long distance bus/coach service and/or tour is subject to the terms of the Operator's Conditions of Carriage and Terms and Conditions of the fare that has been booked.

* Any 'E-Ticket/Itinerary' or 'E-Voucher' must be available for inspection by the bus/coach driver on the day of travel. Failure to have an 'E-Ticket/Itinerary' or 'E-Voucher' available for inspection, may result in your travel plans being disrupted.

* The Issuance of your train 'E-Ticket/Itinerary' or 'E-Voucher' and/or the Operator/s of the bus/coach and/or ferry service and/or tour that has been booked for, are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred by passengers as a result of the failure of the service to operate or depart or arrive at the scheduled time or location or any other disruptions to the service due to operational requirements or from the forces of nature.

* Any dispute/s concerning your reservation comes under New Zealand law and is to be heard in a New Zealand Court of Law between yourself and the operator of the bus/coach or ferry service that has been booked for and travelled.

* Payment is by a Visa/Mastercard credit, debit, reloadable prepaid card or travel card for all travel routes.

* All refunds are processed back to the original Visa/Mastercard card that was used to pay for your train/ferry travel. Refunds to another Visa/Mastercard or 'Electronic' payment card or for cash is NOT allowed.

* Visa and Mastercard payments are processed by 'International Rail/International Travel' or 'Railbus International'.

* Bus, tour and some train fares e-vouchers are issued by Travelcom Mount Ltd, being an authorised/accredited ticketing/reservation agents of InterCity Group Ltd, trading as Newmans Coachlines, InterCity Coachlines, Grayline and Great Sights or bus/coach/transport operators under contract to InterCity Group Ltd.

 * All train e-vouchers are issued by International Rail Ltd or train e-ticket/itineraries are issued by Travelcom Mount Ltd being authorised/accredited ticketing/reservation agents Great Journeys of New Zealand - a trading division of Kiwirail Ltd.

* By clicking the I agree to the Terms and Conditions, you accept these Terms and Conditions of your reservation/s and the Conditions of the Carriage of the Operator of the bus/coach service, tour and/or ferry service/s that has been booked for. Your email address and name will be added to our mailing list, if you do not wish to remain on our mailing list, please unsubscribe from the link on the newsletter or contact us directly.