Travel Update: Coastal Pacific unscheduled maintenance between Blenheim and Picton 18, 21, 22, 23, 24 September 2023


Due to unscheduled maintenance between Blenheim and Picton, our train is unable to travel on a small section of the line while repairs take place. We are very pleased to advise that the Coastal Pacific service will go ahead as planned however a 25-minute portion of your journey, between Blenheim & Picton, will be replaced by Bus.

If you are starting your journey from Picton, you are able to check in at the train station as usual and will be advised by train staff on the location of our private bus transfer.

For those doing a day return from Christchurch, you will have your break time in Blenheim. The station is in the centre of town, so lots of time to explore.


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80 Hour Bus Pass

80 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$641.00
  • Child: NZ$641.00

75 Hour Bus Pass

75 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$610.00
  • Child: NZ$610.00

70 Hour Bus Pass

70 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$589.00
  • Child: NZ$589.00

65 Hour Bus Pass

65 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$559.00
  • Child: NZ$559.00

60 Hour Bus Pass

60 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$518.00
  • Child: NZ$518.00

50 Hour Bus Pass

50 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$436.00
  • Child: NZ$436.00

45 Hour Bus Pass

45 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$395.00
  • Child: NZ$395.00

40 Hour Bus Pass

40 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$355.00
  • Child: NZ$355.00

35 Hour Bus Pass

35 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$314.00
  • Child: NZ$314.00

30 Hour Bus Pass

30 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$269.00
  • Child: NZ$269.00

25 Hour Bus Pass

25 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$239.00
  • Child: NZ$239.00

20 Hour Bus Pass

20 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$203.00
  • Child: NZ$203.00

15 Hour Bus Pass

15 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$169.00
  • Child: NZ$169.00

10 Hour Bus Top Up

10 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$139.00
  • Child: NZ$139.00